Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Where to find New Orleans NOW people!

If you want to reach out to the New Orleans NOW community (especially if you live anywhere from Jefferson Parish to the East New Orleans and on the Westbank, too), here are the best ways to find out more and meet like-minded people.

New Orleans NOW Meetup:

New Orleans Facebook Group:

We also have a state-wide discussion group and a general fan page available.

State Group:

Fan Page:

We definitely try to make our members and supporters aware of what is available to the feminist community in the New Orleans area, so feel free to join the conversation. All feminists are welcomed! Be proud of your membership in and support of the National Organization for Women!

We are the oldest multi-issue women's organization in the country founded in 1966 and we appreciate your interest. We wouldn't be here without you!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Leave the driving to us on Equal Pay Day -- Thursday, April 20

Please join NOW in support of AAUW and attend Equal Pay Lobby Day! WEAR RED!
We will have a charter bus from New Orleans for anyone who doesn't want to drive. Pelican Bus is a local, woman-owned business and they are excited about partnering with us to help get more people to Baton Rouge for this important day!

Leaving New Orleans
From Morning Call Coffee Shop in City Park
(there is a large lot across from the coffee shop for easy parking)

To reserve your seat, please pay using PayPal below. There is a limited number of seats, so you are encouraged to purchase now so you can board first and choose your spot. You also have the option of reserving multiple seats if you have friends who will join you. You'll have time to read, converse or even nap!

Equal Pay Bus - Reserve My Seat!

9:00am Lobby Training and Legislative Update

9:30am Lobby Your Legislators 

11:00am Equal Pay Now Speakers Forum - Capitol Officials/Legislative Sponsors 
Light finger foods provided 

Please RSVP to Camille (, or 318-471-1740), so they can have a headcount for the forum reception.

1:00pm Floor debates scheduled to begin

The bus will need to leave Baton Rouge sharp at 1:30pm to avoid the afternoon rush hour traffic. We will be back in New Orleans between 3-3:30pm.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Louisiana NOW chapters coming to a city near you!

We are excited to report that Louisiana is seeing growth in our chapter numbers. We have two entirely new chapters coming online already in 2017 in Monroe and Ruston-Grambling!

Our goal this year is to make sure that all of our members who live in and close to these represented cities will be affiliated with the chapter nearest them so they easily collaborate locally.

Take a look at the list to find which chapter will serve you best: (emails for the newer chapters will be added soon!)

Baton Rouge:  LA0116  (

Monroe: LA0200

New Orleans:  LA0300  (

Ruston-Grambling: LA0280

Shreveport-Bossier: LA0260 (

If you would like to start a chapter in your area, you will find a link to the interest form here.

To become a new member of NOW, use this link.

If you need to renew your membership, go here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Background on Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day, commemorated on April 12th this year, represents the approximate day that women must work to in the current year to make the same amount of money men did in the previous year. In other words, the equal pay calculation means that a woman must have worked all of one year and well into the next year to be paid what men were paid in one year alone. The gender-based wage gap represents a pattern that has existed over many years and reflects multiple barriers to equal pay, including gender- and race-based pay discrimination, segregation of women into lower paying jobs and exclusion from higher-paying nontraditional jobs as well as lack of workplace policies that make it difficult for women to care for families without suffering an economic penalty.

$10,800 Less Income  - The wage gap of 79 cents (rounded up from 78.6 percent) is the median earnings in 2014 (latest data available) of women full-time, year round workers as a percentage of the median earnings of men full-time, year round workers, according to the Current Population Survey, U.S. Census Bureau. The 21.4 percent gap represents nearly $10,800 in lower annual earnings for all women at the median – which accumulated over a 40 year working career is a huge loss in income.

NOW was the first women’s organization to publicize not only the traditional, all women’s Equal Pay Day, but also the dates that symbolize how much harder women of color must work to make the same as their male counterparts from the previous year. So to continue that conversation about the pay gap to include the income inequalities which exist along racial as well as gender lines, the NOW again recognizes multiple Equal Pay Days.

2016 Equal Pay Day Dates
The wage disparity in the U.S. persists not only between men and women but also varies considerably by race and this pattern has persisted over many decades. Although women (of all races) are paid $.79 for every dollar men (all races, across all occupations) are paid, the wage gaps for nearly all other major racial groups are dramatically wider. Only the Asian American women’s wage gap is smaller – but many smaller sub-groups of Asian-American women have a much larger wage gap. The wage gaps and Equal Pay Days noted below are based on calculations using 2014 median year round, full time earnings.

March 15 – Asian-American Women’s Equal Pay Day (88%)
April 12 – Traditional Equal Pay Day (79%)
August 23 – African American Women’s Equal Pay Day (63%)
September 14 – Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day (59%)
November 1 – Latina Women’s Equal Pay Day (54%)

For More Information
For more information about Equal Pay Days, example Tweets for other 2016 Equal Pay dates, some graphics to post, and more resources, see NOW’s Equal Pay Social Media Kit