Sunday, October 11, 2009

In New Orleans, You Can Get Your Message Across in Mardi Gras Parade Fashion

Announcing that it is reopening the fight for Louisiana to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment , Louisiana ERA members carry their banner in the Jazz Funeral parade in New Orleans on inauguration day, Thursday, January 20th. The jazz funeral was to show opposition to most of President Bush's agenda . Louisiana's ERA committee marched in the parade to raise consciousness about the Equal Rights Amendment., for, though hundreds fought for it in the 1980's, many today have no idea what it is about.

In this photo, Sandra Hufstetler, president of the new committee, with Jacqui Ceballos, Donovan Smith and an unknown young woman carry the banner. A second reason for the participation was the fact that, like many democratic laws and customs, the ERA was indeed killed in the state -- but will "RISE FROM THE DEAD."

The parade began with three jazz bands playing tunes of old church spirituals and rolled through the streets of the
French Quarter. The event had the appearance of a lugubrious Mardi Gras ball, a raucous street protest, Halloween freak show and traditional New Orleans jazz funeral rolled into one. A mock coffin containing copies of the Patriot Act and the U.S. Constitution. drawn on a horse pulled wagon hearse followed. Then came a line with dancers and people festooned with capes, masks, signs and anti-war buttons.

Women in military uniforms and skeleton masks said they represented America's foreign policy: Death. And, among all this, the plain ERA banner stood out and got the attention of onlookers and the paraders. In New Orleans you can get your message across in a Mardi Gras parade fashion.

(Pictured in photo: ERA president, Sandra Hufstetler, Jacqui Ceballos, Donavon Smith and an unknown young woman . Photograph taken by Felicia Kahn.)


Charlotte said...

The photo was taken in January 2005!!!! That's because (unlike NOW who dropped their support of the ERA back in the 1990s) SOME women and organizations in this country NEVER stopped supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. The women in this picture are members of, ERA Campaign Network, and Veteran Feminists of America in Louisiana. They were marching to publicized their NEW state ERA campaign effort based on a three state strategy. Veteran ERA activists, Jacqui Ceballos, Felicia Kahn, Shirley Marvin, Jean Helwig and LA ERA President Sandra Hufstetler were joined by many other ERA supporters as they marched through the historic French Quarter.

Louisiana ERA supporters had launched their new ERA campaign in October (2004) and were making great progress towards increasing public awareness and building a strong coalition of ERA supporting organizations.

Please don't pretend that NOW had anything to do with this. Because it didn't.

nola now said...


We were told that NOW was involved with this march which is why we posted this photo and the woman who is credited with taking the photo is a life long member of NOW.

NOW has been included on the most recent ERA activities from this past legislative session, so I'm sorry if you have sour grapes over this now.

It's a real shame that women don't support each other but are always looking to point out how wrong we are.