Saturday, November 7, 2009

Disheartened by the election results? Angered that we are still being denied full citizenship? Tired of enduring a barrage of lies and insults? Furious that your dignity and humanity has been attacked and undermined?

Don't Agonize - Organize!

Come to the Rally For Equality at the New Orleans City Hall at noon on Saturday, November 7th.

Hear from leading organizations about the efforts being made to secure equality and justice for all. Besides working with national organizations on Federal efforts like Don't Ask - Don't Tell, ENDA and repealing DOMA, there are actions you can take right here in Louisiana to join the fight to protect your rights.

Organizers include ACLU of Louisiana, Big Easy MCC, Brotherhood Inc, Forum For Equality, Human Rights Campaign, National Organization of Women, NO/AIDS Task Force, PFLAG, and The Community Coalition. Many other allies and groups (including the LGBT Community Center, Christ the Liberator, NO Gay Men's Chorus, Universalist Unitarian Church, Women with a Vision, etc) will be there with resources for activists.

What happened in Maine was wrong, unfair and un-American. Join us at the Rally For Equality and become a part of the movement to ensure that all citizens have basic rights and protections.

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